Do I need to provide a vacuum?

Our team will bring our own high-efficiency HEPA-filter-equipped vacuums. Sometimes clients prefer to have their own vacuums used in their homes, and we are totally open to it! But we prefer to use our vacuums since we know how to work our equipment and wouldn’t want to accidentally damage your personal vacuums.

Do I need to provide the products or rags?

Along with our own vacuums, we also use all our own cleaning products and rags. After many years of cleaning, we’ve learnt which are the best and the worst cleaning products for families. We do our best to use eco-friendly products because we know that just like us, everyone cares about their family’s well-being! We meant it when we said there would be less stress for you when working with us!

Do I have to pay for an in-person consultation?

An in-person consultation (a.k.a. a walk-through of the house) is absolutely free. Doing this gives our clients peace of mind that they are getting exactly what they need from us, and it also allows us to go more in-depth with the specific cleaning needs of your home. It also helps us with planification for greater efficiency, so we love doing walk-throughs!

Do you work with contracts?

We know that life can be unpredictable, and more often than not, life happens. So no, we don’t work with contracts, if you feel you don’t want cleaning services anymore, then don’t worry about it, just let us know! We’ll always be here to serve you again!

What is included in each cleaning visit?

Whether it’s a recurring cleaning, first-time, move-in/out, or office cleaning, we make it our mission to touch every corner of the house that we can get to. We will move furniture (if possible and allowable) if we have to to ensure we get your house back to tip-top shape. All our cleanings include cleaning of all surfaces such as countertops, baseboard cleaning, and cobweb removal etc. For full lists of what’s included click here.

Licensed and Locally Owned

We are fully licensed and insured so you can rest easy when our team comes into your home!
We are also family owned. Most cleaning companies in town are franchises, but Reset Cleaning Services is a local-owned family business started by long-time Santa Rosa residents and couple Luis and Jackie.